Comfort Recline Slings

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Comfort Recline Slings

The comfort recline sling is intended for amputee clients but is also appropriate for users who need to stay in the sling for longer periods of time. The spacer material stretches to fit the shape of the chair and is fully breathable. The center strap storage pouch allow the straps to be folded securely out of the way when the client is sitting.

Comfort Recline Sling Features

  • Available with or without head support
  • Color coded destination loops allow for varying amounts of recline
  • Available only in spacer skincare fabric

Product Numbers

  • Comfort Recline Spacer Sling - Child 8E4700
  • Comfort Recline Spacer H/S - Child 8E4730
  • Comfort Recline Spacer Sling - JR 8E4600
  • Comfort Recline Spacer H/S - JR 8E4630
  • Comfort Recline Spacer Sling - Small 8E4500
  • Comfort Recline Spacer H/S - Small 8E4530
  • Comfort Recline Spacer Sling - M 8E4400
  • Comfort Recline Spacer H/S - M 8E4430
  • Comfort Recline Spacer Sling - Large 8E4300
  • Comfort Recline Spacer H/S - Large 8E4330
  • Comfort Recline Spacer Sling - XL 8E4200
  • Comfort Recline Spacer H/S- XL 8E4230

Washing Instructions

The sling should be inserted into a washer/laundry bag prior to being placed into the washer. This is to prevent any unusual wear and tear of the sling by the agitator and/or other parts of the washing machine.

  • Use mild detergent.
  • Set washing machine to Warm wash/cold rinse cycle.
  • Do not dry on steam pipes, conventional heaters, wood stoves, or other similar devices.
  • Tumble dry on air/fluff cycle only, or hang dry.
  • Do not use chlorine based bleach.
  • Do not dry clean.

Support Materials

Click here to view the our sling brochure.

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