Disposable Slings

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Disposable/Client-Specific Slings

Prism Medical is pleased to be able to offer disposable slings. With Infection Control becoming an area of greater focus and attention, Prism Medical has the solution. Disposable Slings are designed to be used by one individual and disposed of when: a) the individual no longer requires or b) the sling is soiled.

The disposable slings are based on the design, safety, comfort and application of the Prism Medical sling patterns. Label indicates when the sling is in need of disposal. Typical safe use ranges from 1-3 months (dependent upon frequency of use). Available in the Universal, Band, Positioning, and Tri-Turner Sling.

UNIVERSAL DISPOSABLE SLING  Easy to use and fit. The Universal disposable sling's full head support with built-in dart and foam padding for the thigh offers all-around utility and additionally, offers good toileting access. The Universal disposable sling features 6 single-loop straps to allow for proper handling during transfers.

Available in sling sizes, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.  

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The Band Sling assists caregivers seeking to support and position limbs. Providing proper limb support, height and a comfortable surface, the Band Sling is ideal for supporting limbs to facilitate change of dressing on arms, hands, legs, feet or to elevate and hold limbs during surgery. Band Slings can be used with a ceiling lift to turn a client in bed.

  • Sling Dimensions: 9" x 34"
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The positioning sling provides the option of being permanently in place as part of the bedding. Made from resilient, breathable material, its twelve straps have three color-coded loops per strap, giving the caregiver maximum flexibility when positioning the head, torso, and legs. This flexibility makes re-positioning and turning easy, quick, and accurate. The Positioning Sling is excellent for transfers between horizontal surfaces.

  • Dimensions: 44" x 78"
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Tri-Turner sling's dual, triangular shape and padded foam provides excellent support for the entire back. Used to turn a client into a lateral, resting position, for added convenience and safety each sling has four attachments points. The sewn-in Velcro Loop and Hook attach the sling to the bed, helping to turn the client comfortably.

This sling should be used only for turning, not lifting. The Tri-Turner sling is available in six sizes: Junior, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large.

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