ErgoBelt 3101

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ErgoBelt 3101

Using a Gait Belt when walking with a patient offers an ergonomic solution for safe patient handling. Often caregivers prefer to use transfer gait belts to assist in proper techniques when helping patients walk or stand.

Product Highlights

  • Four ergonomic, easy grip handles
  • Durable plastic buckle with comfort finish
  • Easily assist in patient mobility or rehabilitation

We offer a full line of Gait Belts, allowing nursing homes and health care facilities to assist their patients properly while reducing the risk of injury to caregivers. Our traditional Gait Belt gives the caregiver something to hold when assisting a walking patient. Not only can this protect the caregiver from injury, but it can also give a frail patient more confidence to walk unassisted, knowing that assistance can be given if needed.

Product Number

  • PRODUCT #: 230200

Details & Options

ErgoSafe Products works closely with nursing homes and other care giving institutions to provide patient handling devices to assist caregivers with their daily tasks of moving and repositioning patients. Call us today and begin employing safer conditions for your employees and patients.

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