ErgoSheet 2200

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ErgoSheet 2200

When turning or repositioning a patient or resident in their bed, it is important to reduce the amount of friction that occurs between the individual and the bed.  ErgoSheet® were designed to easily assist the caregiver throughout this process. Using slide sheets, such as the ErgoSheet®, the caregiver can move and reposition the individual without having to pull on the individual’s body, arms, or legs. 

Our ergonomically inclined slide sheets provide caregivers with the availability to safely and quickly attend to the needs of their patients without having to manually lift the patient, helping to reduce the risk for back and rotator cuff injuries.

The ErgoSheet® is not meant to remain under the patient, as the friction free surface could cause unwanted repositioning in bed.  Because our slide sheets are made from strong nylon material and hemmed on the edges to prevent fraying, these positioning devices are ideal for use with immobile residents for easy, injury free patient assistance.

A Caregiver's Aid to Easy Repositioning in Bed

Pair of slide sheets assists in repositioning in bed (56" L x 32" W).

Half the cost of other sheet sets with double the quality and durability!

  • Easily repositioning in bed

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  • PRODUCT #: 230100

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ErgoSafe™ Products works closely with nursing homes and other care giving institutions to provide patient handling devices to assist caregivers with their daily tasks of moving and repositioning patients. Call Prism Medical today and begin employing safer conditions for your employees and patients.

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