ErgoSlide LT 4400

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ErgoSlide LT 4400

The ErgoSlide LT® can be used to move a patient from bed to bed, gurney/stretcher to bed, or exam table to bed without pulling the patient's body, arms or legs, and without the caregiver having to lift.

Even more, when using a lateral transfer slide sheet, there is no need for multiple caregivers to execute the move. That's right! Now, one caregiver can easily perform a lateral transfer without the use of mechanical lifts; assuming that the caregiver has assessed that he or she will be able perform the move.

All of our slide sheets are constructed from a strong nylon material sewn into a long roller band.  The ErgoSlide LT® offers four rows of webbed handles around the full length of the sheet, which are used to assist the caregiver throughout the patient or resident transfer.

A Caregiver's Lateral Transfer Slide Sheet

  • Laterally Transfer a Patient or Resident
  • Requires only One or Two Caregivers
  • Easily Folds for "No Bulk" Storage
  • Low Cost Alternative for Transfer Boards & Mechanical Lifts

Product Number

  • PRODUCT #: 230020

ErgoSafe™ recommends that caregivers practice with the ErgoSlide LT prior to actual patient care, as working with each other will allow you to appreciate the feeling from the patient's perspective. It is imperative to provide proper patient care and to limit risk of injury to caregivers through the use of ergonomic manual handling aids, such as a slide sheet.  Learning to turn, sliding patients up and down in bed, or simply repositioning the patient can be accomplished safely and easily by implementing the standard use of a slide sheet in your healthcare facility today.

ErgoSafe™ Products works closely with nursing homes and other care giving institutions to provide patient handling devices to assist caregivers with their daily tasks of moving and repositioning patients. Call Prism Medical today and begin employing safer conditions for your employees and patients.

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