Maxi Move - 287# Capacity

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Maxi Move - A mobile passive lift for demanding care environments

The MaxiMove® provides safer, more comfortable and ergonomic resident/patient handling, while making care routines smoother and more efficient.

This battery-powered passive sling lift allows a single caregiver to safely manage a wide range of resident/patient handling routines. With unrivaled flexibility, stability and reliability, the Maxi Move is the optimum lift for intensive use in the most demanding care environments.

With a new built-in electronic scale and a handheld control unit with a display, MaxiMove helps the caregiver provide a higher quality of care. Simple instructions for use, with a visual guide on the mast, provide further convenient assistance to the caregiver.

Available in an extra low height castor version, with a ground clearance of only 2 3/8" (60 mm), Maxi Move is compatible with most low clearance beds and stretchers.

Equipped for diverse healthcare situations

The MaxiMove is a mobile passive lift designed for people who either have no capacity to support themselves or who are completely dependent. It provides optimum support for these patients in a wide range of healthcare situations.

MaxiMove can:

  • Comfortably and securely transfer patients ranging in size from pediatrics to bariatrics – weighing a maximum of 500 lbs (227 kg)
  • Handle routine tasks such as lifting, transfers and repositioning of patients
  • Be adjusted quickly for different patients or care routines – making it ideal for facilities with a wide spectrum of patient ages, heights and weights
  • Deal with the unforeseen – a patient can be safely lifted from the floor in the event of a fall
  • Support stretchers – making it an ideal choice for supine lifting of patients in acute care
  • Be equipped with an extended jib – for optimum transfers to and from bulky wheelchairs in special care facilities
  • Be fitted with a two point hanger bar and repositioning sling – to allow for safe and easy positioning or turning of patients in bed
  • Be used with optimum standard or special-purpose slings, such as amputee and bariatric slings, or mesh clip or loop slings - for a range of routines such as toileting, bathing, showering, and stretcher slings

Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility for the diverse challenges of everyday care
  • The Combi™ attachment enables smooth switching between different spreader bars
  • Various different resident/patient interfaces to choose from, with the widest range of spreader bars in the market
  • The most comprehensive range of slings available
  • Stability for safe, comfortable transfers
  • A vertical lifting action - Stable Vertical System (SVS) - means safer lifting routines
  • Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) spreader bars help to prevent the sling from swinging during transfers
  • Excellent stability enables the lifting of bariatric residents/patients, weighing up to 500 lbs (227 kg)
  • Reliability for high quality care routines at all times
  • Proven durability record - the actuator is tested for thousands of cycles
  • High quality battery-powered features that the caregiver and resident/patient can rely on
  • Supplied with two batteries as standard, allowing reliable 24 hour use


The fundamental aim of the MaxiMove® is to be “best at the basics” - a safer, more efficient solution for the basic resident/patient handling tasks, i.e. lifting and repositioning.

The system offers two unique features: the Stable Vertical System (SVS) and the battery-powered Dynamic Positioning System (DPS). Combined, these two systems create an extremely safe and comfortable sling lift for the entire transfer process, from the initial lift through to effortless fine-tuning in order to find the resident's/patient’s most comfortable position.

Measurements and weights

Max safe working load 500 lbs (227 kg)
Max safe working load with extended jib 287 lbs (130 kg)
Weight (incl. combi jib + medium PDPS + battery) 154 lbs (70 kg)
Lifting stroke 51 3/4” (1315 mm)
Min lifting height (medium DPS) 8 3/4” (225 mm)
Max lifting height (medium DPS) 60 3/4” (1540 mm)
Height of chassis 4 1/2” (117 mm)
With low height castors 3 1/2” (86 mm)
With extra low height castors 2 3/8” (60mm)
External width legs closed 28 1/4” (717 mm)
Internal width legs open 45 3/4” (1160 mm)
Protection class lifter IPX4
Handheld control unit IPX7
Battery 24 V, 5.5 Ah sealed lead acid


  • Safe working load 500 lbs (227 kg)
  • Positioning handle for precise handling during transfers
  • Stable Vertical System (SVS) comprising: a vertical lift, anti-swing, jib, pivot point spreader bar attached and clip sling design
  • Ergonomically designed maneuvering handle
  • Slings with a body contoured design for maximum comfort, available in seven sizes: XS to XXL and color-coded for ease of use
  • Color-coded bar chart on the spreader bar for identification of the correct sling size
  • Sling attachment for spreader bar, with a four-point keyhole clip system
  • Electrical opening chassis operated via the handheld control unit
  • A Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) with color display to indicate remaining battery power level
  • Additional audible warning signal to indicate that the battery requires changing
  • Handheld control unit for complete control when working with residents/patients
  • Secondary operating controls mounted on the mast
  • A service indicator measured in hours provides accurate actuator usage, indicating service requirements
  • System failure override
  • Automatic safety cut-off if lowered onto an obstacle
  • Low friction castors, rear two with brakes


  • Battery charging station, for charging two batteries at once
  • Integrated scale unit
  • Extended jib (for maximum reach)
  • Stretcher unit using soft stretcher, scoop stretcher and strap stretcher
  • Two-point spreader bar for walking jackets for rehabilitation and loop slings for use with residents/patients with leg contractions
  • Large powered Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) spreader bar for bariatric residents/patients, also available in medium
  • Open style small Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) spreader bar for children and small adults
  • New comprehensive range of loop spreader bars, small and medium open design, large wide spreader bar for bariatric residents/patients, and flat for use with walking jackets for rehabilitation
  • ArjoClean™ for disinfection

Options and accessories

O = Standard
O = Option
O* = Option (all Combi™ spreader bars and stretchers are available as accessories)
X = Accessories
- = Not Applicable