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Passport® Vertical Platform Lift, known on the market as the lightest residential platform lift available, weighs in at less than 400 pounds and features an individually prewired platform lift tower and gate for easy installation. This vertical platform lift is used most commonly for individuals with limited mobility and is a great solution for any difficult pathway, porch or platform.  (750 pound capacity)

The Passport Vertical Platform Lift is ETL certified-independently tested and approved for product safety. 

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Product Features

  • Lightest Platform Lift

    Passport Vertical Platform Lift, known on the market as the lightest residential platform lift available, weighs in at less than 400 pounds, 300 pounds lighter than comparable steel units.
  • Plug-N-Play Wiring Technology

    The platform tower and gate are both prewired with automotive-style connectors that are waterproof and will not corrode. Our Plug-N-Play wiring technology makes the Passport Vertical Platform Lift user-friendly, low-maintenance and the preferred lift of technicians and installers.
  • DC-Powered

    The Passport Vertical Platform Lift is fully DC powered . On battery power only, the Passport can complete approximately 30 complete cycles, even fully-loaded.
  • ETL Certification Mark

    The ETL Certification Mark is recognized and accepted proof of third-party inspection, testing, and certification of our Passport Vertical Platform Lift. Our ETL Certification Mark also assures continued compliance with the applicable regulatory and safety standards throughout North America.

Product Options

  • Platform Safety Rail – The safety rail for the Passport Vertical Platform Lift provides additional stability for platform lift riders who need a platform lift grab bar.  

  • Platform Weather Guard – The weather guard for the Passport Vertical Platform Lift helps protect the base of the platform lift from the outdoor elements

  • Top Landing Gate – The Passport gate features a mechanical interlocking latch with magnetic read switch that keeps the rider protected and safe from accidental injury and prevents improper operation of the lift.

  • Interlock – for use with existing doors.

  • Call/Send Control – Easy to push Call/Send Control option allows you (up to two) additional stations for the rider to call their Passport® Up and Down.

  • Wireless Remote Control – Allows operation of the Passport from nearby locations, including vehicle or house.

Product Specification

Lifting height (in) (landing-to-landing) 52 52 72 72
Weight capacity (lbs.) 750 750 750 750
Unit weight (lbs.) 384 376 415 407
Platform useable size (in) (L x W) 50¾ x 36 59¾ x 38 50¾ x 36 59¾ x 38
Warranty 2-year 2-year 2-year 2-year






2-Year Warranty

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