PVC Carts (Hydration Cart, Hamper & Linen Carts)

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PVC Carts (Hydration Cart, Hamper & Linen Carts)

PVC Carts

F-815DF: Hamper Cart

Length w/handle: 24” – Height w/casters: 36” – Width 17”

  • Mesh bag size is 25 gallon
  • Recessed handle for easier opening.
  • NEW double zippers at no extra charge. Double zippers allow for easier load removal
  • Hamper ships knocked down (KD) for freight savings.
  • Lid can hang down behind unit, allowing larger loads to be placed in hamper without the lid in the way or being damaged.
  • Hamper is easy to maneuver when loaded due to extra-wide, heavy duty 3″ casters & convenient push bar.
  • Vinyl mesh bags included, with or without zipper at no extra charge. Please state preference.
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Wire bag holders secure even the fullest plastic bag.
  • Optional leak proof bags
  • Optional foot pedal available.
  • Optional Split Skirt bag with full floor plate, for easier loading and unloading of heavy loads.

F-645: Linen Cart 3 Shelf

Length w/ handle: 32” – Height w/casters: 64” – Shelf size: 20” x 25”

Cooler capacity: 5 Gal – Height between shelves: 14”

  • Carts are shipped (KD) knocked down via UPS or Fed-Ex, for freight savings.
  • Recessed clip-on molded shelves. Keeps linens & towels in place while being moved.
  • Clip-On shelves are easy to remove & clean.
  • Individual shelf capacity is 75 lbs with 14″ height between shelves.
  • Choice of solid or mesh vinyl cover with velcro closures.
  • Covers open on both sides for easy loading and unloading.
  • Convenient push bar for easy maneuvering is standard.
  • Available in multiple color options