Scooter Basket Liner

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The Scooter Basket Liner ensures all items placed in the basket are there when you’re looking for them. This liner has adjustable drawstrings that allow it to be easily fitted to most scooter baskets. Capable of storing multiple items in its pockets, the basket liner keeps things firmly in place and prevents smaller items from falling out. Available in black and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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Product Features

  • Zippered pocket

    The zippered pocket keeps personal items secure while still being accessible.
  • Dual pouches

    The Scooter Basket Liner has two expandable pouches to hold beverages, cell phone, etc.
  • Easy care

    Hand wash using cold water and mild soap, then line dry. NOTE: If you have concerns about allergies or how the recommended cleaning solution may affect your health, please consult with your physician or other healthcare professional before using so he/she can recommended alternatives.

Product Specifications

    Dimensions (in) (W x D x H)
    13 x 11 x 10
1 Year