Suitcase Singlefold Graphite Fiber (GF) Ramps

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The Suitcase Singlefold GF Ramp is made of glass reinforced graphite fiber and is the lightest folding ramp in the industry. The Suitcase Singlefold GF Ramp is fitted with ergonomically-designed handles and a non-protruding hinge that allows you to carry it anywhere. The ramp is available in 5 sizes ranging from 29 to 82 inches in length and features an applied non-slip surface for excellent traction.

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Product Features

  • LightWeight

    The lightest folding ramp in the industry, the Suitcase Singlefold GF Ramp utilizes industry leading technology to provide the ultimate weight capacity at the lightest weight possible.
  • Ergonomic Handles for the Single-Fold Ramp

    Ergonomically-designed handles make your Suitcase Singlefold Ramp easy to carry anywhere. The handles for the single-fold ramp feature a durable design, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking as you carry your Suitcase Singlefold Ramp.
  • Slip-Resistant Tread on the Single-Fold Ramp

    Mobility devices can retain traction in all weather conditions with the Suitcase Singlefold GF Ramp’s slip-resistant tread.
  • Single-Fold Ramp Hinge

    The Suitcase Singlefold GF Ramp’s single-fold hinge runs the full length of the ramp and ensures the ramp is strong and safe. The single-fold hinge also helps protect against pinching and ensures the ramp is easy to set up.

 Product Specifications

Slip-resistant Surface
Built-in Carrying Handle
Usable Size 29” x 29” 34.75” x 31” 50.5” x 30” 66.25” x 30” 81.75” x 30”
Folding Size(in) (L x W x H) 29 x 14.5 x 2 34.75 x 15.5 x 2 50.5 x 15 x 4.25 66.25 x 15 x 4.25 81.75 x 15 x 4.25
Weight (lbs)* 7.75 9 13.25 16.5 21
Weight Capacity (lbs) 660 660 660 660 660
For Wheelchairs & Scooters
Usage Guidelines**
1 Step
1 Step
1-2 Steps
1-2 Steps
Some Vans
1-3 Steps
Some Vans
Some SUVs

*  Weights are approximate and may vary.

** Consult your equipment's owner guide for proper degree of incline. Never exceed its recommendations.

Be aware that most aluminum ramps systems will slightly flex with a weight load. This is normal and within manufacture specifications. Be sure to properly pair your new ramp system with the user, mobility device and the living environment. Always comply with the weight restrictions for safe use. However, if the flex seems to be too much or feels unsafe DO NOT USE please contact COR Medical or the Manufacture immediately.


Lifetime Warranty