Handrail Kits 12" to 108"

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Product Overview

Traditional style:

Looks great in older homes
Complements wood furnishings
High visibility on light walls

Railing - Architectural bronze finish. Brackets and endcaps - Antique brass finish.

Modern style:

Railing - Champagne anodized finish. Brackets and endcaps - Matte nickel finish.
Looks great in newer homes, complements most colors, high visibility on dark walls.

PromenAid railings may be used in wet or dry environments, indoors or outside. Kits include the recommended number of brackets, between two and five depending on the length selected. Brackets pivot for easy installation on stairs or ramps.

Our most popular handrail kits are available in stock lengths from 12 inches to 9 feet. They feature feature flush endcaps and do not include optional vinyl anti-slip inserts.  If your installation includes bends or slope changes, order individual handrail components.

Kit Contents
• Railing, cut to precise length
• Recommended number of brackets
• Flush-fit endcaps
• Installation instructions

Length Traditional SKU Modern SKU
18 RA18LA2EA2 RC18LM2EM2
24 RA24LA2EA2 RC24LM2EM2
36 RA36LA2EA2 RC36LM2EM2
48 RA48LA3EA2 RC48LM3EM2
60 RA60LA3EA2 RC60LM3EM2
72 RA72LA4EA2 RC72LM4EM2
84 RA84LA4EA2 RC84LM4EM2
96 RA96LA4EA2 RA96LA4EA2
108 RA108LA5EA2 RC108LM5EMC2


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review